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All products are vegan and handmade in Melbourne in small batches with therapeutic grade essential oils!

Treat yourself to some handmade, vegan goodness

Scentual Alchemy is now available at...
Sadhana Studios, St Kilda
Brunswick Holistic Health, Brunswick

Infinity Natural Wellbeing, Williamstown

Wanna stock Scentual Alchemy? Email Nico to get wholesale details!

Avoid shipping fees and meet Scentual Alchemy's creator by visiting us at a market!

Wanna learn more about making natural skincare products?

Nico would love to work with you to learn more about making natural skincare products and offers party hosting and tutoring where you can learn more about therapeutic essential oils, and make your own products. Learn to make anything from oil blend perfumes, soap, lotion, eye cream, face serum, massage oil, perfume, spray, or mud masque. and leave with a new appreciation for the sense of smell. 

About Scentual Alchemy

Scentual Alchemy is a mindful, vegan, environmentally conscious body and soul care shop. Nico, Scentual Alchemy's creator has always been fascinated with alchemy and its ancient symbols, and began creating aromatherapeutic blends as a passion project in 2014. After becoming a certified aromatherapist, she dreamed up a range of essentials for low-maintenance humans, using ethically sourced, therapeutic quality essential oils and sustainable packaging. Among creating these therapeutic potions, Nico also reads and teaches tarot locally, and is a certified hatha and yin yoga instructor and disability support worker.


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Our Staff

Tom Wilkins

Numbers, Research and Design

Nico Anders

CEO, Certified Aromatherapist, Packaging, Design, Key Stallholder, and Public Relations




My deodorant is too hard/soft. What's up with that?

The main ingredient in the deodorant tubes is organic coconut oil, which changes from solid to liquid in varying seasonal temperatures. I tweak the recipe seasonally so you can get the freshest, handmade season-appropriate concoction. If your deodorant is too hard or too soft, bring it back to me and exchange it for a new one. See my market list and pop by :). Can't make it to my market? I am happy to send you one shipped at your expense, just send back the one that doesn't match your season (if still reasonably full).

The spray nozzle won't pump.

Sometimes the atomiser caps get stuck. I am looking into a new company to buy better-quality spray tops. In the meantime, they need a firm push. Know any 'thumb wars champions'?. A good soak in hot water from the kettle usually sorts this problem out.

The deodorant tube won't twist up.

There is a cap on the bottom of the deodorant tube that you can pop out with a nail or knife. Sometimes the grippy bits on the cap are too slippery to grip the control mechanism on the inside. So, if you pop off the cap, viola! You can twist the inside control mechanism directly and twist up your tube.


"I love the Sunny Side Up sun protection! I don’t like the feeling of normal sun screen and this product is amazing! I have been using it for over a year and my skin hasn’t ever been this happy!!" - Jane S.

"Nico has made a phenomenal smudge spray that helps to clarify and move forward. Didn't think it would be useful in so many ways. A product perfect for when you come home feeling heavy or burdened." - Jess B.

"Love Scentual Alchemy products!! I have the fixation and venus rollers. The venus roller makes me feel like a sultry goddess. The fixation blend helps me to stay on task and even motivate me. I usually don't like basil oil, but the blend that Nico made has become one of my favorites. She really knows how to create an experience in a bottle. One that I can keep in my bag and keep revisiting  <3 you're an inspiration!" - Lauren R.

"I can't rave about the skin care products enough! I spoke to Nico about the issues I was having with my skin. I suffer from oily skin and was spending a small fortune on anti oil products. Cleanser, toner, moisturiser, face scrubs etc. I had break outs most weeks due to the oil build up. Nico recommended that I stop using all these chemicals and use 'Rise and shine' cleanser and the 'Sunny side up' serum. They came as a set. I was a bit apprehensive about applying oily serum to oily skin but after the first day my skin was looking so much better. After a week my skin was glowing and the oily layer on my face had vanished! I have been using this for about 8 weeks now and it's so nice to complete my skin care in under 60 seconds! No more spending a fortune on products ! Thanks Nico!" - Rob E.

"I ordered almost every item available from Scentual Alchemy because it was so hard to choose! I received them today and they are just perfection! The packaging, the smells, the vibe - Each item is amazing! Thank you so much!" - Justine S.

"Excellent. Your face care products are brilliant! I even get comments on my skin. I'm 62, so very, very happy. Keep up the good work." - Lorraine K.

"Scentual Alchemy's natural products are genuinely amazing! They smell SO GOOD and all have a unique combination of essential oils that work their individual magic. I own her deodorant, salt hair spray, essential oil mix and a hormone balancing spray and I use them all every day! Nico is so passionate about her work and infuses her beaming energy into each product she makes.

I can't wait to get my hands on whatever she creates next!"- Jess K.

"Nico is such a lovely person and her products are so well priced and amazing!! Thanks nico for making awesome low maintenance products" - Adela S.

Just started using Scentual Alchemy's all natural, organic and vegan no-rinse face cleanser and face serum. It is super gentle and light on my skin and the smell is just soooo soothing! Aromatherapy and skin care 2 in 1 for sure. Thank you Nico. - Noah K.

"I absolutely love Scentual Alchemy's products. I have always been a huge underarm sweater and I started using Happy Hippie deodorant and I only need to put it on once per day (rather than several times like I used to with other commercial products). I sweat way less and I love the smell and I smell good the whole day! I’m also a huge advocate of the orange vanilla lip balm (which my 3 year old daughter uses as well with no harmful ingredients in case she licks it right off ). The Sunny Side Up serum smells amazing and makes my skin feel so healthy and protects me from the sun at the same time. I always tell people about Nico and her beautiful products, she has such a great vibe and is so down to earth. You can really tell she puts her heart and soul into what she makes. Thank you for all the amazing skin care you’ve created!!" - Jess C.

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