Je me presente Moonglow Hair Serum. This restorative hair serum will make your hair shine, and fall into place. It reduces frizz for weeks - I kid you not! 

Other hair oils, serums, creams and waxes weigh your hair down and add layers of gunk! This all natural, organic and friend and family approved hair oil distributes some moon magic into your locks! 

An intoxicating, refreshing blend of tea tree, cedarwood, peppermint, Rosemary and lavender Young Living Essential Oils with the triad of 'good-for-your-scalp,-hair-growth,-and-all-around-amazing' carrier oils: Castor, Coconut and Sweet Almond! 

Moonglow Overnight Hair Serum

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Color: Black
  • "Nico's hair serum is wonderful if you have damaged, dry, not dry, any type of hair. My hair is a combination. You leave it on overnight, and you look like a greasy mess in the morning, but you DO smell good. After I washed my hair twice, it felt more manageable and stronger. AND what a SHINE!
    It gave my limp hair BODY!" - Liana, 60, Aquarius, New York

  • The alchemy symbol used for this product is symbolic of silver. Silver/Moon denotes feminine properties, darkness opposed to light, softness as opposed to harshness, fluctuation as opposed to stability. Not only does this product do its work overnight, but it beautifies a very feminine trait - our luscious locks!

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