After months of anticipation, Platinum Hormone Balancing Mist is here!!! I have been using this delectable beauty in my yoga classes for weeks now, misting my students into utter bliss! 

Calling all ladies with irregular periods, cramps, and some not-so-pleasant premenstrual symptoms. Main ingredient, Clary Sage has been used for centuries to alleviate hormone imbalances, caused by endocrine disruptions. 

Also used in this heavenly blend - Ambrosial Vanilla, Cedarwood, Patchouli and Ylang Ylang essential oils. Whatever mood you are in, this schpritz will make you feel better! Bonus: This gorgeous blend can also be used as a body spray!


The symbol depicted on the label represents Platinum. Platinum was revered for its endurance. Platinum represents determination, grit, and seeing our manifistations to completion. Platinum in terms of alchemy meaning represents high achievement and reward for crafting our best selves. Thus, the highest form of self can be found through balance.

Platinum Hormone Balancing Mist

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