Come n' get that summer beach hair all year round without the nasty, greasy feel! Each of the 5 essential oils in the mix benefit your scalp, and promote stronger, healthier hair! 


Cedarwood has been proven to reverse hair loss and helps get rid of dandruff. Rosemary stimulates the scalp, improving circularion, and allowing Cedarwood to penetrate deeper. Melaleuca, also known as Tea Tree Oil helps clear acne and other skin infections, keeping your scalp healthy. Lavender is a panacea for skin ailments, also known to give the hair a healthy shine. Peppermint has purifying properties which rid hair follicles of buildup from yucky chemical products and help these oils work their magic!


Sea Salt Hairspray

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  • "I've finally ditched the hair dryer and the straightener and just stick with a little sea salt love! It's a game changer" - Jess, 25, Gemini, Melbourne

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