Presenting Sunny Side Up Protecting Serum for Normal / Combination Skin! 


This vegan, organic and lovely scented serum will protect you from UV rays naturally, minimize scarring, blemishes and aging and is a fantastic base for the day after cleansing in the morning.


Grapeseed oil helps control the skin's oil production, and is quickly absorbed into the skin leaving you feeling fresh - not gunky! Hempseed oil protects against UV rays, is an anti-inflammatory (protecting you against breakouts!). Red Raspberry Seed Oil protects the skin against UV rays, while improving elasticity, moisturizing the skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles! Then of course, Elemi (little sister of Frankinsence and Myrrh), which is highly regarded for giving overall skin support; Cedarwood which balances oil production and calms the mind; patchouli, which deepens the scent profile, minimizes scarring, reduces inflammation and protects against infection and last but not least, Ms. Ylang Ylang herself - great for acne-prone skin, and stimulates cell growth!

Sunny Side Up Face Serum

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  • The alchemical symbol depicted for Sunny Side Up is the sun, which is also a symbol for gold. It symbolizes perfection of mind and body. The sun diety its perceived as the paragon of power and strength representing masculine properties and direct energy flows. Since this product has sun protection, I thought it worth mentioning that it can combat against some of the harshness that comes along with sun worship.


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