Venus oil blend captures the feminine essence: the soothing richness of Vetiver, the bright, refreshing scent of Grapefruit, the heady sweet musk of Ylang Ylang, and the wild rugged notes of Spruce. 


The symbol depicted on the label represents the alchemy symbol for copper. The elemental alchemy symbol for copper is also the planetarysymbol for Venus.

Vetiver is a deeply rich, sumptuous chocolatey, earthy base note. Reminds me of truffles, both chocolate and the ones found in the earth. Some people love it, while others aren't too fussed. 

Grapefruit is refreshing and enlivening! Offers cleansing properties, as well as energetic ones. Top note

Ylang Ylang is heady and sweet, rich and floral. Adds a level of femenine complexity to any fragrance. Perfume body. Yum.

Venus Essence Oil Blend

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  • The alchemy symbol represented for Venus is acutally that of Copper. In alchemy, copper shares its symbol of Venus and is associated with Roman goddess Aphrodite because of its luminescent beauty. Therefore, Copper, and thus Venus symbolize love, balance, feminine beauty, artistic creativity harmony. desire, sex, fertility, prosperity and victory. 

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