Protect Your Skin This Summer

November 14, 2017



Sunscreen can be a very difficult product to go natural with. Unlike moisturizers or soaps, we DEFINITELY can tell when sunscreen isn't doing its job. 


Scentual Alchemy uses a bunch of natural oils that amp up natural sunscreen. How? You ask? We have tried and tested several nut, seed, berry and flower oils in the Australian sun. Some left us with sunburn, while the others did surprisingly well. 


Traditionally, sunsblock's job is to create a barrier against the sun, so that it cannot penetrate and harm the skin. There are two main ways sunscreen creates a barrier; chemically (by tricking the skin into thinking its not in the sun) and physically (by creating a greasy barrier). Both of these ways can be potentially harmful, either by clogging the pores or by putting toxic chemicals into the skin. 


Right off the bat, sunscreen is better than sunblock, because it allows vitamin D to absorb into the skin, which has benefits for the brain and the bones, as well as mental/psychological perks. Natural sunscreen is great for allowing a healthy amount of sun to penetrate the skin. Natural sunscreens work by nourishing the skin with enough nutrients and vitamin E that the sun doesn't damage the skin. For this reason, they need to be frequently applied to maintain their strength. 


Many natural sunblocks use Zinc Oxide particles, which create a barrier on the skin. Recent research has found that nanoparticles of zinc oxide has detrimental effects when entering the bloodstream. So why are we putting it on our skin? What goes on the skin goes into the bloodstream.


Protecting the skin from the sun can be a tricky feat and relies on knowledge, practice and nourishing products. 


At Scentual Alchemy, we have developed a blend of all the high SPF oils so you can protect your skin from the sun completely naturally. Carrot seed, red raspberry seed, wheatgerm, avocado and coconut oils act together to create a high SPF natural alternative to sunscreen.


If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself!

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