What Does it mean to be a ‘Low-Maintenance Human’?

January 10, 2018

Low maintenance humans are smart, mindful and modern.


Urban Dictionary describes Low Maintenance as: “One who is genuinely happy to enjoy the company of others. Easy-going, unselfish and usually a joy to be around.”


Therefore, Scentual Alchemy products aim to suit these types of people with simple, natural ingredients, mindfulness and a low maintenance regime.



Low Maintenance is Easy Going.

Low maintenance humans try to keep things simple, and fair. To create a more easy going environment, Scentual Alchemy uses ingredients which are vegan, ethically sourced and fair trade. We do our best not to ruffle any feathers, take advantage of low wages for workers in developing countries and treat all products and people with respect so as to create a more peaceful environment.


Low Maintenance is Unselfish.

Scentual Alchemy products don’t cost the earth, using recycled packaging, offering discounts to customers who return their bottles, and offers products in modest sizes that can be easily traveled with, since low maintenance humans are more likely to travel.


Low Maintenance is Modern.

A lot of us are simply too busy to go all out on expensive beauty regimes. With more freelancers and full time workers now than ever, where do you even find the time? We live in a world with a lot of complicated and time-consuming facets. Your body and soul care does not need to add to this.




Catering to Humans, and not specializing for women, men or other, Scentual Alchemy is for everyone. Its recipes are pure and simple and made with extra loving care in small, handmade batches, like getting a homemade jar of jam from Grandma. Facecare, mood mist, haircare, body oils and so much more made with the highest quality essential oils can bring you into a higher awareness of your sense of smell and offer health perks….talk about killing two birds with one stone.



Take the face care package, for instance. A high maintenance human would probably use multiple very expensive serums, creams, toners, masks, peels, injections, etc. But low maintenance humans can use these two products and go on as they please, they don’t even need to think too much about sun protection, since its built into the serum.


Personally, I take low maintenance a step further, by keeping these two products on my nightstand. I wash my face in bed, so I can enjoy those last few moments before going to sleep breathing in rich essential oils, and wake myself up with deeply satisfying scents, while staying warm and cozy.


Low maintenance humans are smart, mindful and a joy to be around! So the question is, are you a low-maintenance human?



















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