Why we LOVE blue glass (and you should too)!

January 15, 2018



There are a lot of rules regarding essential oil usage: don’t ingest certain oils, don’t go out in the sun after applying citrus oils, don’t use Rosemary if you have high blood pressure, etc. While all of these rules are important, the number one rule I ALWAYS follow is the proper storage of my essential oils. 


Here’s why…


Essential oils are volatile & photosensitive; therefore temperature and light may oxidize them. If you do not store them properly, they may go lost their potency, and if they are blended with carrier oils, could go rancid. As the life force, or immune system of the plant, essential oils are special, unique liquids that require our utmost care. Using blue glass bottles limits exposure to sunlight and keeps essential oils in the most pristine condition.



Heat, sunlight and air can all break down the chemical structure of essential oils.



Temperature: Much like how blood banks store blood at a certain temperature, essential oils from plants should be kept between 5 – 30 degrees Celsius for optimum storage.  It is recommended that you keep essential oils in a cool dry place. Kitchen and bathroom cupboards work well. I store mine on a bookshelf that does not get direct sunlight.


Light: Essential oils are photosensitive. This means that they become oxidized when exposed to sunlight. Oxidation is a chemical reaction that decreases the potency of essential oils, and in turn, diminishes their effects.


Container Material: You should always, ALWAYS store essential oils in glass containers. If you put essential oils into plastic containers, they are likely to erode the plastic and cause leakage, as well as ruin the oil.  However, if you have diluted essential oil in a cream, soap or oil blend, it may be ok to store in a high quality PET plastic container, but this still decreases the life span of the oil.


Container Color: Luckily, pure essential oils do not go rancid. However, they do degrade through the process of oxidation. Therefore, it is crucial to store your essential oils in amber, blue or other dark glass containers. This gives them an extra layer of protection if given access to sunlight. I LOVE blue glass as the color connects to my third eye / ajna chakra. This deep blue, almost indigo colour visually connects me to my higher self, which is something I use a lot when blending and using essential oils.



With the exception of the deodorant and lip balms, all of Scentual Alchemy’s products are stored in amber or blue glass. While this is not the preferred bottle material for festivals (where glass is often ‘not permitted’), these containers are all suitable travel size, and are sturdy enough to be knocked around a suitcase. At Scentual Alchemy we take the upmost precaution to making your essential oil experience go farther, whether the journey is into your mind, or exploring the world, giving you low maintenance options that are green, clean, and not mean.


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