Tarot with Nico

Nico offers clairvoyant tarot readings, intuitive counselling, and astrological insight. Nico was gifted her mum's old tarot deck at age 10, and was later told by a trusted, psychic-medium that she would have a gift. Since then she has performed hundreds of readings and has given much insight and inspiration during times of need.

Celtic Cross (30 - 40 minute session): $50.00



Tarot for Beginners

Throughout this 3 hour tarot workshop, participants will learn a brief history of divination, along with how to choose a deck, treat a deck, read energy, connect to the higher self as well as a run down of the cards general meanings. 

Tarot Speed 'Dating'

Meet some new people and get some practice giving 5-15 minute readings, and get some insight simultaneously. Great fun for beginners and intermediate alike. Lasts about 3 hours.

Tarot Reading in Reverse

This intermediate level course explores several methods of reading tarot in the reverse, with some practice thrown in. Intermediate to expert tarot knowledge preferred. 


Coming back October 2019

Coming back 2020

September 24th @ The Work-Shop 195 Argyle Street, Fitzroy, VIC

6:30 - 9PM


"Although I'm a novice to tarot, I found Nico Anders to be both insightful and empathetic during my reading. Listening to her explain the cards' inner meanings provided a glimpse into my subconscious, and I don't doubt she possesses a gift."  

Josh Vikram Sharma, Cancer

"Tarot card reading with Nico was fun. It was my first Tarot experience and Nico made me feel very comfortable as well as being attentive. Whether you believe in it or not, you must try it for the experience." 

Anu Devi, Leo

"Her tarot readings were spot on and helped me gain clarity and insight into the issues I was going through." 

Melanie Phelan, Pisces


"Nico's tarot workshop was exactly what I was looking for in an introduction to tarot reading workshop. She supplied us with a deck of cards each to keep and also a booklet that she constructed herself detailing information about each card. We also had a chance to practice tarot readings in pairs which was helpful. Nico also gave us lots of tips on how we can keep enhancing our skills by selecting a card from the deck each day to guide our day as well as give us practice to the meaning of the card. I would definitely do another workshop with Nico!"

Preston, Melbourne VIC Australia 3072

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